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Jan Kuhn, LAC, Licensed Addiction Counselor

Jan Kuhn, LAC is a licensed addiction counselor who specializes in drug addictions. She has been an addiction counselor for 11 years, both in private practice and with CHI St. Alexius Hospital.  Her primary therapy method is cognitive behavioral and rational recovery.


Counseling sessions focus on:

Victor Wanner, LAC, Licensed Addiction Counselor

Victor Wanner, LAC is a licensed addiction counselor with over 40 years of experience as a Level III.1 treatment provider. He specializes in all addictions with a concentration on alcohol dependency. His primary therapy method is 12 Step.


Counseling sessions focus on:

  • Understanding how the addicted brain works, and how it influences our bodies, choices and behaviors.

  • Recognizing thinking, emotional and behavioral  patterns we have learned through our lives... how they were formed and the effects on our current choices.

  • Understanding how events in our lives establish core beliefs that effect our actions.  

  • Positive communication with ourselves and others, and learning to “Live Out Loud.”

  • Addiction characteristics, Step work - powerlessness and unmanageability.

  • Recognizing behavior patterns and habits form.

  • Concepts of change.

  • Building a solid foundation, physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects.

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